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We’ll help your business get found, and reach more people online and offline, without wasting time and money. And we’ll do this for free with a valuable Custom Marketing Plan.

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You’ll get a Custom Marketing Plan free. This type of plan could cost thousands of dollars if you hired an independent consultant. It includes:

  • An audit of your digital marketing to see where you might be wasting time and money
  • A review of your local competitors so you understand how they are creating leads,
    winning customers and how much they are spending
  • Marketing recommendations you can put to work immediately, whether you work with YP or not

Your plan will propose custom solutions that meet your needs, work within your budget and in your market, including services such as:

Local Search


Mobile Advertising


Web Design




Direct Mail


Yellow Pages Directory

Yellow Pages

See what our customers are saying:

"Our overall growth with YP has been over 400%. In the last year alone, we’ve seen growth of our nationwide program of 170%."

– Lynn Angelone,
Angelone's Florist
"YP is one of the smartest decisions I’ve made when it comes to bringing patients in the door. My practice has grown 40% since 2013, and YP has contributed to that.”

-Dr. Allan McCord,
Kent-East Chiropractic
“YP has been a huge source of new clients since day one for us, and we are very grateful for that. We’ve seen an increase in volume month after month from our advertising. It’s been fabulous.”

- Austin Ward,
Ward & Barnes, P.A.